How to Celebrate

In addition to our expansive marketing toolkit, here we offer inspiration and guidance on how to celebrate doctors this year

2024 National Doctors Day Theme

This year’s theme, “Wings & Stethoscopes: Healers of Hope,” reflects the idea that doctors selflessly and tirelessly work to lift up America’s families through two powerful symbols. The first is the ubiquitous stethoscope hanging from the shoulders of doctors, ready to spring into action. The second symbol is the caduceus, two snakes winding around a winged staff in a nod to Asclepius, the Greek god of healing and medicine.

Here are some suggested ways to celebrate physicians this year by incorporating the theme in various types of Doctors Day marketing campaigns:

  • Marketing Toolkit: The updated Doctors Day toolkit includes brand logos, typography, and a color palette. Anyone may freely adopt this toolkit in any digital or print marketing campaign.
  • How to Celebrate: Choose from a wide range of creative ideas to honor physicians, such as writing a blog post for your staffing firm, medical practice, or health system’s website; sending physicians a token of appreciation like a coffee mug or lapel pin; and much more.
  • Resources for Doctors: The healthcare community owes its doctors more than a simple “thank you.” Find new ways to help them improve their well-being and lives, offer advice to clinicians to help them navigate personal finances, prevent burnout, or help them take advantage of discounts on food, clothing, entertainment, and more.
  • More to Come: In the days and weeks ahead, Locumpedia will be adding even more resources to assist with your marketing campaigns. Have a special request? Let us know. We’ll see if we can help.

Campaign Ideas

KICK OFF National Doctors Day by gifting a red carnation to each physician at your facility. Since its inception in 1933, this has been the traditional symbol of National Doctor’s Day.

SHARE heartfelt stories about doctors on social media with the hashtag #NationalDoctorsDay. Share a special memory and tell them how thankful you are to have them on your team.

THANK the doctors by sending each one an email, personalized note, or thank-you card to each physician on the team. Consider also collecting thank-you notes from staff members and patients to send to doctors as a heartfelt expression of gratitude.

SEND a small gesture to your physicians. A token of appreciation such as a coffee mug, nice pen set, lapel pin, baked goods, and even flowers such as red carnations, which are symbolic of National Doctors Day.

CONTACT media outlets (print, TV, and radio) and ask them to run a public service announcement (PSA) about Doctors Day and the importance of physicians’ work. Provide written copy following our sample press release and follow the media outlet’s submission requirements.

GIVE BACK through rest, learning, and bonding opportunities. You can organize a breakfast or luncheon, offer extra breaks, provide materials for continuing education and mental health, and offer free coffee and refreshments. Finally, you can end the celebrations with a culminating meal or happy hour to help doctors relax and bond with one another.

WRITE a blog post for your practice or health system’s blog discussing the role of doctors and the critical role they play.

HOST a physician awards ceremony to celebrate each physician’s unique talents and accomplishments and present them with a printed certificate or award.

SUPPORT the health and well-being of your physicians by offering coupons or vouchers for healthy meal delivery, local fitness clubs or yoga studios, and at-home fitness programs. Provide mini massages and meditation sessions, or set up relaxation stations in-house that week. 

GIFT a basket of unique local items or a facility gear bag to show appreciation.